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What is TechnoFun Zone?

Mobile:Mobile Zone All About latest mobile prizes,specification,features and details info about smartphones. Upcoming smartphones info.Mobile tips & tricks and apps and software hacks.
Computer:Computer section consists upcoming softwares,Gadgets,Apps and operating systems(OS) crack and hack.various operatig systems(OS) tips and tricks to perform fast and secure Hacks.
software & apps crack and hack.
Techno Zone:All about technical stuff means latest mobile and computers,Application,softwares,Gadgets details. in short combine Mobile And Computer Zone.
All Network tricks: All Network tricks section includes braodband hacks,tricks free GPRS,free sms,free calling tricks on all networks and official data plans. and GPRS tricks to use free internet.

About author:

TechnoFunZone is blog of mine. i am highly passionated about technology[Techno].maintain this blog is my hobby.I am blogging on this blog sine 2012 besides blogging includes playing pc games Specially GTA, doing some changes in computer And try everyting that related to Hacking and technology. Also interseted in social networking and hang with friends.


Aim of this Techno blog is provide useful tips and tricks,hacks and stop scam and fraud.
This blog generally focus on topics to internet,softwares,security,blogging,windows,social networking,haking tutorials only foe educationa purpose and the World Widw Web.

some inteseting about me:

i am  highly passionated about technology[Techno] He is a technology enthusiast and science syudents and noe doing B.Sc.IT we can ontact me on technofunzone@gmail.com

1)which operting system  do you use?
i use windows. window 7 ultimate.
interseted in linux,ubuntu and dream is mac os.

2)which browser do you use?
i use google chrome and google plus but sometime some time operamini also. in mobile uc web browser is best.

3)what does TechnoFunZne means?
"Tecno" means "Everthing that related with Technology" and Fun means "Cracks and hacks apps,softwares for fun purpose " combine Techno and fun is equl to TechnoFunZone.

4)who hosted this blog?
This blog is hosted by blogger,Google's blogging platform.